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Thank you very much for opening this page, and being interested in helping the Humane Society of El Paso saving animals! The goal of our Foster Program is to place as many dogs and cats into good foster home as fast as possible to save them from the unfortunate fate of being at a shelter. To many animals, foster homes are their only way out for a second chance at life.

Becoming a Foster Parent

Fostering a pet begins when you volunteer to care for a homeless pet in your home. More than 150 animals of all different sizes, breeds, ages, and personalities are cared for daily at Humane Society of El Paso (HSEP), with new ones constantly arriving. We are often faced with pets that need the special care of loving foster homes. HSEP foster parents provide an invaluable service that allows HSEP to save thousands of lives each year and we are always welcoming new foster parents into our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a foster care volunteer?

How do I become a foster volunteer?

Anyone interested in fostering for HSEP should fill out a Foster Application, which will be sent to the Foster Coordinator. The application is online, and you can simply answer the questions on the form, and click "Submit". The other way is to fill out a paper application at the shelter. You will then be contacted by the Foster Coordinator, who will arrange a home visit at a time that is convenient for you. After that, you're ready to foster!

If you have not already attended the Volunteer Orientation, we strongly encourage you to do so. At this orientation, you will have the opportunity to learn about the Humane Society. We'll discuss our history, services we offer and what all we need volunteers to assist with. As a foster parent, it's very important to know about our agency and how we help homeless animals. Who knows, you may be interested in helping us in ways in addition to fostering!

What all will I be provided with?

HSEP will provide you with major needed supplies including food, litter boxes, litter, bottles and formula, etc. Also, veterinary care will be provided by our shelter veterinarian. Foster parents just need to provide a loving home.

Do I need special skills or training to become a foster care volunteer?

Our program is designed to suit your experience and interest levels. Some animals require medications and veterinary treatment and some just need a warm place to stay. Our Foster Mentor team will be holding your hands to walk you through your first fostering experience, and will always be available to provide on-going support and training to all foster parents. Valuable information on various fostering topics is also available on our website.

What types of animals need foster care?

How long will I be fostering an animal, and what type of care is involved?

This all depends on you. Depending on the type of pets you would like to foster, the time frame will vary. We'll arrange a foster care plan around your lifestyle, work schedule and vacation plans. Puppies and Kittens only need to be 8 weeks of age in order to be adopted out. Longer-term fostering would be for those animals that are not doing so well in the kennel, have been at the shelter for a while and need a break, and those pets that are shy or timid and need some love and socialization. No matter what time frame you can do, we'll greatly appreciate it!

Our Foster Marketing team will be working closely with you in obtaining the pictures and bio for the foster animals so that we could advertise them while the animal is still in your home. As much as possible, we would like to find good homes for all the animals while they are still in foster homes to prevent them from having to come back to the shelter system.

What if I have pets already?

You can foster even though you have pets. We just need you to make sure all your pets are up to date with vaccinations. We have pets that vary in their needs, so we'll try to match you with the pet that's appropriate for your home and family!

Please feel free to email our Foster Home Coordinator at for more information.