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Enrichment Toys

In the process of finding their forever home, our dogs can often become stressed living in a shelter environment. Our Enrichment Program Coordinator, Kim Lambert, has found a fun solution to keep our dogs minds stimulated during their stay.

Hello Everyone!

Shelter dogs lead a hard life. They are under an intense amount of stress. Staff and volunteers do what they can to help manage that stress. We take them for walks. We play with them. We make sure they comfortable with blankets and toys but sometimes what gets overlooked has nothing to do with their physical comfort.

Enrichment is more than just taking a dog out for a walk. It is about providing a stimulating and engaging environment that really gets a dog thinking. Their mental health is just as important as their physical health. Too much stress can have harmful effects on shelter animals but the good news is:

You can help.

I have plans to make durable, reusable puzzle feeders for every dog in this shelter. PVC is a strong material that can stand up to the strongest chewers we have. It is also non-porous and easy to sanitize. This means our shelter would have the means to get every dog engaged mentally every single day.

By feeding our dogs with these simple puzzle feeders, they have to think about how to get their food. The dogs will have fun as they roll, toss, and play with those feeders until all of their food comes out. It’s a great way to keep them occupied with something fun instead of thinking about being stuck in the shelter.

The goal is $1,500

These PVC puzzles will cost a fraction of commercially available puzzle toys and they will be strong enough to not fall apart with our tough chewers. Through your support, our shelter will have puzzle toys that will help many, many dogs as they come through our no-kill shelter.

Please help us reach our goal so we can provide for the mental well-being of all our canine companions.


Kim Lambert
Enrichment Coordinator

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