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Program News

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What a foster home means to a shelter dog.

From the moment she stepped into her kennel, Brisa, a lovely black lab wanted to shut down, she wanted to stop the noises and the smells unfamiliar to her. She looked so sad and despondent inside that kennel.

Geppetto: the special kitten

Geppetto is a young female kitten who was found by an HSEP staff member, alone and lame. Thanks to the love and support of caring HSEP personnel, Geppetto not only found her legs, but found wings to soar.

Meet Charlize

Charlize is one of the dogs of the "Adopt Me" Foster Program. Charlize is fun-loving, affectionate, and an all around great dog. She is in a foster home now, but is still looking for her fur-ever home!

Pate all day!

Foster kittens need YOU to donate pate style kitten food!

Foster Wish List

If you can't be a foster but would like to help, you can do so by donating supplies!

Foster Program: Growing and Saving More Lives!

From puppies the piglets, the Humane Society of El Paso's Foster Program does its best to save them all. Foster parents open their hearts and their homes to the littlest, neediest, and sweetest rescues, giving them a second, or sometimes a first chance at a great life.

Enrichment for your Foster Pups & Kittens!

Summer is here and it's a hot one! Puppies & kittens should never go outside (due to lack of vaccinations) but even our older foster pets need lots of inside time in these temps! Check out the following graphics to get some ideas to keep those foster critters entertained whiled staying cool indoors!

Keeping Your Foster Home Clean!

Spring is here in El Paso Foster Families! Along with the blooming flowers and singing birds come pesky viruses and bacteria that plague our foster animals AND foster homes! You and I know this is an inevitable part of foster care; animals get sick and need to be cleaned up after. But how do we clean correctly? How do we disinfect? And what the heck is the difference anyway?