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Foster Program: Growing and Saving More Lives!

From puppies the piglets, the Humane Society of El Paso's Foster Program does its best to save them all. Foster parents open their hearts and their homes to the littlest, neediest, and sweetest rescues, giving them a second, or sometimes a first chance at a great life.

Boxes of kittens brought through the front door, litters of puppies dumped like last week’s leftovers, and adults in need of TLC: the HSEP Foster Program caters to all of these animals, and many more. Thanks to selfless foster parents, over 800 lives are saved each year via the Foster Program. The only thing that limits the number of lives saved is the number of Foster Parents available, but that’s where YOU come in!

The length of commitment of foster parents varies based on the needs of the animals. Sometimes litters of little ones will need to be in foster care for two months, sometimes they just need a place to crash for the weekend. The HSEP provides all food, bedding, vet care, and other supplies; all a foster must give is a loving, albeit temporary, refuge.

Sharing the successes of fosters is wonderful, but seeing it is even better. If you think you can help save itty-bitty lives in our community, please consider applying!

For more information on the types of animals that need fostering, please visit the Types of Foster page.

Ready to apply? Great! Simply download the application, and email it to, so bring it by the shelter during business hours!