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Geppetto: the special kitten

Geppetto is a young female kitten who was found by an HSEP staff member, alone and lame. Thanks to the love and support of caring HSEP personnel, Geppetto not only found her legs, but found wings to soar.

Geppetto is a 16 week old domestic shorthair, and she was found by an HSEP staff member, Matt, alone, and partially paralyzed. Matt named the small kitten after the puppeteer who created Pinocchio. Even though Geppetto turned out to be female, the name stuck.

Geppetto was evaluated by the HSEP’s Medical Director, Dr. Flosi, and he could find no signs of injury. Whatever the problem was, it was neurological, and no one could say whether the little kitten would recover.

Geppetto spent a few days in the HSEP’s Neonatal Nursery, where she made friends with Stevie, the cat born without eyes. Geppetto got around by dragging her hind legs, and while it was not the most graceful thing, Geppetto did not appear to be in pain.

As Geppetto grew stronger, her mobility improved. Matt, her rescuer, opted to foster the little kitten, while she continued to grow stronger and more mobile.

Thanks to the compassion of Matt, the assistance of the HSEP’s Neonatal and Special Needs Foster Program, and the support of her special friend Stevie, Geppetto not only found her legs, but found a fire to survive and flourish.

Geppetto is now available for adoption. She is a feisty, playful kitten, who seems to like other cats and small dogs. If you would like to meet this special kitten, please contact the Foster Manager, Rosario, at 915-532-6971 ext. 130 or at