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Types of Foster Pets

During the application process you can specify what you feel comfortable fostering.

Nursing Dog with puppies

Suzie found herself in the city pound with her six newborn puppies. Luckily for her and her babies, the Foster Department staff at the Humane Society of El Paso was able to find a foster family able to care for the whole doggie family!

Mom Cat with Kittens

Thalia was a mother cat who had an unwanted litter. Her owners decided they no longer wanted her and called the Humane Society to surrender her and her newborns.

Bottle Fed Kittens

A member of the community found a litter of three newborn kittens next to their mother who had passed away. They called the Humane Society Foster Care department who then started the search for a foster family able to care for the kittens.

Bottle Fed Puppies

A litter of 8 puppies were found in a cardboard box that someone had left inside a dumpster. When the puppies were brought to the Humane Society of El Paso we found out they were only about a week old.

Weaned Kittens

A litter of six week old kittens were owner surrendered at the city pound. The staff at the city pound contacted the Foster Department Staff at the Humane Society. The foster department was able to find a foster parent to care for the litter of 5 kittens.

Weaned Puppies

A litter of puppies that were about 5 weeks old were abandoned in an empty lot where someone found them. The folks who found them contacted the Humane Society of El Paso and we were able to place the litter of 4 puppies into a foster home.

Animals 5 months old and over.

Gus was a 9 year old Italian Greyhound mix who found himself stuck in the middle of a hairy divorce situation. Some odd circumstances left Gus’ family unable to care for him any longer.