Nursing Dog with puppies

Suzie found herself in the city pound with her six newborn puppies. Luckily for her and her babies, the Foster Department staff at the Humane Society of El Paso was able to find a foster family able to care for the whole doggie family!

Saved from the Pound!

Suzie and her pups were transferred from the pound and were picked up by their new foster parents. Soon Suzie found herself in a warm, cozy house where she was finally able to relax and take care of her babies in peace.

The First Few Weeks

For the first three to four weeks of the puppies’ lives, momma Suzie took care of everything; she fed them, cleaned them, and helped her puppies go potty. The foster family fed momma Suzie, gave her attention and affection and let her outside to go potty.

Puppies Getting Older!

When the puppies got a little older, the foster family had to help more. They needed to start cleaning up after the pups and help them learn how to eat solid food. Since the puppies did not yet have all their vaccinations, the foster department staff sent the foster family home with plenty of newspaper and potty pads for the puppies to use. Lots of puppies pooping in the house isn't necessarily fun but it's necessary to protect the puppies until they are fully vaccinated!  The foster family also provided all the puppies with lots of play time and interaction; they even started to teach all the puppies how to sit! 

Health & Shots

As the whole litter started to get older, they were eventually ready for their first round of shots! The foster department staff contact the foster family once the puppies turned 6 weeks old and set up a time for them to come in with mom and babies. Suzie and her puppies all received a health assessment from the shelter staff to make sure they were growing and developing correctly. They all were given their 1st booster shot, dewormer and bordatella vaccine. 

Once the puppies turned 8 weeks old, the shelter staff contacted the family to set up an appointment for momma Suzie and her pups to come in and receive their spay/neuter surgery! This surgery is given to every single rescued animal at the Humane Society of El Paso before they are considered ready for adoption.

Happ-paw-ly Ever After

Momma Suzie and her litter of pups were quite a bit of work for the foster family (puppies are messy and require lots of time!) but because of their love and help, the whole doggie family was able to be saved. Momma Suzie and all the puppies found their forever homes at the Humane Society of El Paso and were eternally grateful for the love and dedication of their foster family!

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