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Ace is adopted at last!

Ace was at the Humane Society of El Paso since February 12th, and was finally adopted on Memorial Day!

Ace was transferred from City of El Paso Animal Services on February 12th. Shortly after arriving at the Humane Society of El Paso, Ace tested positive for ehrlichia and anaplasmosis, two blood-born illnesses that are spread through tick bites. These illnesses are fairly common, and while they can prove fatal, are simple to treat.

Ace was medicated for roughly two months before HSEP veterinary staff felt he was healthy enough to be placed up for adoption. Ace began going to playgroups every day, and became very good friends with Vixey, another survivor at the shelter. Ace also quickly became the fetch-champion of the HSEP.

Ace was made the face of the Memorial Day promotion, along with his pal, Vixey, because of the length of time they had both been at the shelter. Fortunately, Ace was finally adopted!

Ace will now live with his sisters Bailey and Karla, and a lovely family of humans. Ace's temperament is exactly what the new family hoped for, saying that his personality shown through the photos they saw online.

Huge thanks to Ace's new family, and all who have adopted a shelter dog!