TEMPORARILY CLOSED; Limited Adoptions by Appointment ONLY


Adoptions - Limited and by Appointment Only

We are all anxious to get all of our animals into their forever homes! Due to governmental restrictions imposed as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic, and in consideration of the safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers and visitors to our Shelter, we are forced to change some of our previous policies and approaches for adoptions. These new policies and approaches will likely evolve and change periodically as we determine what is in the best interest of not only our staff, volunteers and visitors, but also of the animals we serve. Please check back here often for updates.


Please read and consider all of the following information before calling to make an adoption appointment! After that, call HSEP at 915-532-6971 and follow the phone prompts.

Appointments are scheduled 2 hours apart. To the extent that time allows during your appointment time, you may meet individually with up to 3 animals. If none of those are appropriate for you, or if your allotted time runs out, you will need to call to schedule a future appointment to meet with other animals that may be available at that time.

All “meet & greets” and adoption paperwork must be completed within the time allotted.

All adoptions are on a first-come, first-served basis. No animals will be held or reserved. 

A specific animal that you want or that fits your criteria may not be available at your appointment time.

If you currently have other dogs living in your household, you may be required to bring them with you to your appointment so that they may meet your potential new dog away from their territory. This generally leads to a smoother transition of a new dog into the household.

When you call, general information will be taken to include your name and phone number, and you will be given an appointment day and time pending confirmation by a return phone call from an Adoption Counselor. Appointments will generally not be scheduled for the same day that you call to allow time for an Adoption Counselor to contact you before you arrive.

When you call, you may specify one animal that you are interested in meeting, though this is not required. As mentioned previously, all adoptions are on a first-come, first-served basis, and any animal that you request to meet may not be available at your appointment time. To see animals that are available for adoption, go to www.hselpaso.org/adopt-a-pet .

An Adoption Counselor will call you sometime after your appointment is made and before you arrive. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the phone call with the Adoption Counselor. 

Please watch for and answer the return phone call. If no answer, 2 additional attempts will be made.

On the return phone call, the Adoption Counselor will obtain information to assist us in identifying the best match of the animals that we have available when you arrive for your appointment so that your appointment can be maximized for spending time with the animals.

Please follow our Guidelines for Visitors to HSEP. Only 2 people will be allowed per appointment. These Guidelines are noted below. 

When you arrive, please wait in your vehicle and call the phone number posted. An Adoption Counselor will come to your vehicle to escort you to the appropriate adoption area. You must remain in the adoption area designated -- our Kennel Areas remain CLOSED TO VISITORS.

There may be up to 3 parties with adoption appointments at each appointment time. Please be respectful of any other parties present and observe social distancing at all times. Also, please allow your escort to open and close all doors and gates to minimize surface contact.


Our Adoption Counselors will assist you in your consideration of an animal to adopt. Please be certain that you are prepared for the commitment of time, resources, and patience before taking a new pet into your household! This is especially important if you are integrating a new pet with pets that are already living with you.

We are not currently able to facilitate “meet & greets” with anyone other than the 2 people allowed at the appointment. Please do not adopt at this time if there is a chance that a new pet will not work well with other family members. 

At this time, our staffing levels have been reduced, and the staff we have are focused on caring for the animals in the Shelter. We will not schedule any returns of adopted animals during the first week after adoption. After that, the ability for us to take in the return of a recently adopted animal will depend on a number of factors, including any COVID-19 directives that we are required to follow at the time, the time elapsed since adoption, kennel space, the availability of staff to process the return and any other unforeseen issues that may arise.

Once again, please be certain that you are prepared for the commitment of time, resources, and patience before adopting a new pet into your household! It may take anywhere from 1-3 months, or more, to integrate your new pet into your family and for your new pet to understand your rules and routine. Our Adoption Counselors are ready to help and support you in this transition in any way that they can, but it will be up to you and your family to help your new pet!

Thank you for considering to make one of the animals in our care your new family member!

Guidelines for Visitors to HSEP:

  1. Visitors by Appointment ONLY
  2. Only 2 guests per appointment
    • Any child not in a stroller will count as one of the two guests
    • Any child in a stroller may not get out of the stroller while on the premises
  3. Please park in every other parking space (1 empty parking space on each side of vehicle)
  4. Wait in your vehicle and call/text upon arrival: 915-532-6971, option 7
  5. No large handbags or extraneous items; bring in only what can fit in your lap.
  6. An escort will meet you at your vehicle to take you to your appropriate appointment location
  7. Temperature checks will be done before entry, including for children. No one with a fever will be allowed to enter or receive services. Please remove any caps/hats and be sure you are cooled down for temperature checks.
  8. All visitors, including children over 2 years of age, and staff Must Wear Mask – No Exceptions
  9. Sanitize or wash hands upon entry
  10. Social distancing required
  11. Visitors must remain in area specified for appointment
  12. All surfaces will be cleaned/sanitized between visitors

Guia para las personas que visiten HSEP:

  1. Las visitas se haran con cita previa unicamente.
  2. Solo 2 personas por cita.
    • Niños en edad de caminar contaran como visitante.
    • Niños en carriola deberan permanecer en ella mientras se encuentren dentro del local.
  3. Por favor estacione su vehiculo de manera que haya un espacio vacio de cada lado de su vehiculo.
  4. Espere dentro de su vehiculo y llame or mande un mensage de texto al numero 915-532-6971, opción 7.
  5. Por favor deje articulos no necesarios en su vehiculo (Juguetes, Bolsas Grandes,etc).
  6. Una persona del alberge saldra a encontrarlo a su vehiculo y lo llevara al lugar de su cita.
  7. Se tomara la temperature a toda persona que entre al local, incluyendo a niños. Ninguna persona con alta temperatura podra entrar al local o recibir servicios.  Por favor remueva cualquier cachucha o sombrero puesto, trate de enfriarse un poco si es que esta sudando antes de que se le tome la temperatura.
  8. Todo visitante, incluyendo niños de 2 años de edad en adelante, al igual que todos los empleados deberan de usar tapabocas (mascara) – Sin Excepcion.
  9. Al entrar al local se debera  desinfectar o lavar sus manos.
  10. Se require que toda persona mantenga distanciamento social.
  11. Los visitantes deberan de permanecer en el area indicada para su cita.
  12. Todas las superficies seran limpiadas/desinfectadas despues de cada visita.