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In the News

National Dog Day

Starting Wednesday, August 26th, Old Sheepdog Brewery will be celebrating #NationalDogDay with exclusive HSEP labels!

Love Stories

HSEP Adopters, we want to hear from you!

24th Annual Mission Chevrolet Re-cap

Shiloh, the "shelter dog" is adopted!

Shiloh has been the voice of rescue animals in the community and the face of the Humane Society of El Paso since January. Recently, however, management at the Humane Society of El Paso decided the best way for Shiloh to represent shelter animals is to live out the ultimate goal: adoption!

Where's Bixby? At the HSEP!

Three years after adopting Bixby, Mike, Bixby’s human, decided to embark on a cross-country journey. That can be a lot for a dog, and Mike considered rehoming Bixby. That thought quickly faded, as Mike realized he took responsibility for Bixby and owed her a great life. Rather than sacrificing his dog for a journey, he made Bixby the center of it.

Sharing Sam's Success

The Junior League of El Paso partnered with the Humane Society of El Paso to re-introduce the program of Sharing Sam, a curriculum geared toward children in the 2nd grade, and aimed at teaching responsible pet guardianship and kindness to animals.

Holiday Miracle

Backyard Breeders: Busted!

In the special report, you'll see the collaborative effort between KVIA ABC-7​, City of El Paso Animal Services​, and the Humane Society of El Paso. An HSEP staff member went undercover to shed light on the dark trade, with Animal Services Field Operations standing by to enforce the law, and Stephanie Valle KVIA ABC-7​ reporting. The story is heartbreaking, but does have a happy ending! Bumblebee, the puppy featured, is now in her loving fur-ever home. There are still hundreds of pets in El Paso who need loving homes, and the HSEP encourages you to adopt your fur-baby from a reputable shelter, not buy from someone's living room or backseat.

Telethon Recap

The Annual Save-a-Life Telethon was a hit yet again! This year marked the 23rd year in a row that the Telethon has been the HSEP's largest fundraiser, and many lives will be saved as a result!

HSEP "Get's Going!"

A local teacher entered Barnes and Noble's "Get Going Day" contest on a whim, never thinking she would actually become the Grand Prize Winner! As a result, her amazing idea to beautify a section of desert and up-cycle the trash into art has become a reality! Even more exciting, the art will be auctioned off, and local nonprofits who participate will receive a portion of the proceeds. This is an exciting and innovative project, and the HSEP is honored to be a part of it!

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