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Diva's Dog Treats

Young Leah and her family adopted a rescue dog from the Humane Society of El Paso while they lived in El Paso. The dog was named Heidi, and served as the inspiration for Leah's first entrepreneurial endeavor: Diva's Dog Treats.

Flower, Zorro, and Bruce lived the first two months of their lives in a Humane Society of El Paso Foster Home. Once the pups turned eight weeks old, they went up for adoption. Flower was adopted by the Perez Family, and renamed Heidi. Heidi quickly bonded with her youngest human, Leah, and the two embarked on a journey to start a business and help rescues like Heidi.

Young Leah founded Diva’s Dog Treats, a small business that offers pet owners a healthy alternative to mass-manufactured dog treats. Leah earned her Girl Scout Entrepreneur Badge, and made very good money. Rather than keeping the proceeds for themselves, Leah and Heidi opted to donate the funds to the Humane Society of El Paso, with the sincere hope that more dogs just like Heidi find loving homes.

Enormous gratitude goes out to the Perez Family for adopting Heidi, Heidi’s former Foster Mom for saving Heidi and her brothers, and Leah who has proven that animal lovers of all ages can have hugely positive impacts on the lives of rescues!