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El Paso Policeman Helps Boxer Back Home

Penny, a female boxer wasn’t breaking any laws when she was picked up by a El Paso Police Officer but was lost and far from home. Riding in back of a cop car was actually a good thing in this case because it got her back home.

Penny, a female boxer was picked up by an El Paso Police Officer last week.

She wasn’t breaking any laws but was lost and far from home when Officer Ludwig happened to spot her running along Hondo Pass near Dyer in the Northeast part of town.

It’s a very busy street and Officer Ludwig told staff at the Humane Society of El Paso that he didn’t want to see her or anyone else get hurt. It was early Thursday during the morning rush and it was raining too.

Luckily Penny did not resist and came up to the officer right of way. She was very friendly and climbed into his unit as if asking for a ride home. She had no collar or I.D so Officer Ludwig couldn’t get her home.

He drove down to the Humane Society of El Paso hoping she’d have a microchip so he could get her back to her family.

The sweet boxer had a microchip and because of it we were able to help Officer Ludwig get Penny back home safe and sound.

We want to thank Officer Ludwig for taking the time to help Penny, especially when so many others just kept driving by.

This story had a happy ending thanks to animal lover’s working together, proper steps taken and a microchip.

Remember proper identification like pet tags, rabies tag and a registered; up to date microchip can help reunite you with your lost pets.