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Hooray for Teddy!

Teddy was a special needs pup, rescued by the Humane Society of El Paso. She has finally found her fur-ever home, and the HSEP could not be more thrilled!

Teddy is a young Dutch Shepherd mix who arrived at the HSEP when she was just two weeks old. Teddy entered the HSEP’s Foster Program, where she grew into a happy and loving pup.

At about eight weeks of age, Teddy underwent surgery to correct entropion, a genetic condition in which the eyelid is inverted. Eyelashes can irritate and damage the eye, and in Teddy’s case, healing from the surgery required an extra few weeks in foster.

“Teddy is my favorite foster dog I’ve ever had,” says Shelby West, Teddy’s foster mom. “I’ve never bonded so easily with a dog. She had her ‘puppy’ moments when she was a brat, but for the most part she was an absolute sweetie.”

Teddy arrived back at the HSEP ready for adoption in August. She was used to being in a home, and the shelter was a little scary for the young pup. Thankful, the HSEP has a tremendous team of compassionate volunteers who could give Teddy some comfort. “After spending some time with Teddy, she’d rub up against my leg and accept affection,” commented volunteer Trudy Casey after spending time with Teddy. Casey also noted how sweet Teddy could be once she felt at ease.

On August 19th, Teddy’s time at the shelter came to an end: she was adopted! Her adopters were not concerned with her initial timidity, because they loved everything about her at first sight. Teddy will now have a Great Dane big sister to look up to, and two loving guardians to look after her fur-ever.

The name “Teddy” means divine little gift, and although she had shyness to overcome and health issues to be dealt with, Teddy, touched the lives of everyone who came in contact with her. It is the sincere hope of the HSEP that Teddy is a divine gift to her new family, too!