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HSEP History Archives

Pound Personalities by Richard D. Pineda

Year: 1974 | Publisher: Unknown

While it seems that other city reporters are hung-up on Directors and Supervisors, who are essential in City government, this reporter feels that it is the staff behind these administrators that makes or breaks the departments. In keeping with this theory, I want to acquaint the readers of this newspaper with a member of our staff who is one of many that contribute and help make our department what it is today.

Mr. Ismael Delgado is a veteran Animal Control Officer who works as one of our Field Investigators on Animal Quarantine cases and permit investigation on wild and domestic animals. Mr. Delgado is truly [a] veteran in the field of animal control work, for he started at the early age of 12 years with the El Paso Humane Society. Mr. Delgado worked with his father Andres (Andy) Delgado, the first Humane Officer in El Paso, as a helper on weekends and during the summer months.

In December of 1958, Mr. Delgado entered military service and spent a two-year tour of duty in Germany. Upon his discharge in 1960, he went back to work at the Humane Society as an Animal Warden and Patrolman. Mr. Delgado lived and worked at the Humane Society; putting in a full day from 8:00 A.M TO 5:00 P.M. and then handling emergency calls after hours. At the time [that] Mr. Delgado was working with the Humane Society, the City of El Paso was having great difficulties with rabies.

As an Animal Warden Mr. Delgado recalled the problems that he encountered while he worked for the Humane Society. He was the officer on duty one night when the El Paso Police called him on a rabid dog in San Jacinto Plaza. The dog was shot 8 times by city policemen and was [the] last rabid canine taken in by the Humane Society before the City of El Paso took over the Rabies Control Program. Incidentally, the night Mr. Delgado picked up the rabid canine was his last day of duty with the Humane Society; for he was due to start [to] work the next day with the City of El Paso as a Rabies Control Officer.

Mr. Delgado has been with the Animal Control since its beginning and can readily tell you of all that has been done to help curb the rabies problem in the City and County, however, he is quick to point out that this wasn't done alone but with the help of all the dedicated officers that work with the rabies program and the cooperation of the public. Mr. Delgado stated with the city as an Animal Warden and patrolmen; later worked as a Communications Dispatcher, and was promoted to Animal Control Investigator, September of 1971.

Mr. Delgado is married to Guadalupe Delgado and they are the parents of two lovely daughters. As an interesting sideline to this gentleman's work in the Animal Control FIeld, this reporter did manage to find out that love has no barriers. I was told by Mr. Delgado that he did manage to get married in July of 1963 - but only to spend his honeymoon on duty at the Humane Society. - WOW!! What dedication!!!