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Longest Resident Continues Search For Forever Home

Little cow is a is a very sweet girl. She was found by her lonesome in the street and brought to the Humane Society of El Paso. We had hopes that her owners would come looking for her but no one ever showed to reclaim her and now almost two years later she’s still here and has not been adopted.

Our shelter is refuge and a temporary home but it’s not a forever family. None of our rescues should have t live here for an extended amount of time. It's crucial to get them adopted and into a home as soon as possible, not only because there are so many more to save but because it's not healthy for them to be here so long.

Due to Little Cow’s long time in the shelter and the stress of being here for such an extended amount of time she does not get along with other dogs.

The reason for this is the stressful sound of constant barking, closing kennel doors, and the sight of other high arousal dogs at the shelter day in and day out have made her dog reactive.

She is great with people and older children and would prefer to be the only fur baby.

After all this time can you blame her for wanting to have a home and all the attention to herself?

The HSEP makes great efforts to market, transfer and encourage adoptions and we on average have over 300 animals adopted every month but some of our rescues like Little Cow get over looked.

There’s no reasoning other than they just haven’t found their person or family yet but no pet companion should have to wait this long.

Please help us find her forever home soon.