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Interested in Huskies?

All rescue organizations have the same goal: see every animal in a fantastic home! The HSEP has recently connected with the Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico to share resources, knowledge, and experience to help more animals in our neighboring communities find they fur-ever homes.

Twenty-two puppies find homes

2016 is off to a great start! Twenty-two lucky foster pups found their forever homes in just one weekend!

Longest Resident Continues Search For Forever Home

Little cow is a is a very sweet girl. She was found by her lonesome in the street and brought to the Humane Society of El Paso. We had hopes that her owners would come looking for her but no one ever showed to reclaim her and now almost two years later she’s still here and has not been adopted.

El Paso Policeman Helps Boxer Back Home

A lost boxer was reunited with her family thanks to a local El Paso Police Officer.

Brave For Bella-Abused Pit bull Free At Last

Bella, a blue nose pit bull, who was beaten by one of her owners, was released to the Humane Society of El Paso (HSEP) after a month of fighting for custody. For her safety she has been transported to an out of state rescue for adoption and is no longer at the shelter.

Young HSEP Volunteers win Humanitarian Award

Two young Humane Society of El Paso volunteers put their heads together to think of the best way they could help their community. The pair decided to host a donation drive for the HSEP, collecting items like kitty litter and dog toys. Not only did they make a difference for the homeless pets at the HSEP, but they earned their school's Humanitarian Award. Way to go, kiddos!

Journeys end...

Haley and Regan began their journey to a better life in January. They had a long road to travel, as did their new family. All roads led to one another, and their journeys ended when they met.

Kids 'N Critters Camp

Join us this summer for a week of fun and learning! Campers will learn about exotic pets, pets safety, and so much more!

The Ultimate Cat Momma

A special foster cat helps raise not only her own kittens but some others in need of a momma.

Walking your dog can really PAY off

You can help fund a shelter near you by doing two things: Using WoofTrax and walking your dog!

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