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Pet's Barn Delivers!

The spread of COVID-19 has “deeply affected” all El Paso animal shelters! Although animal shelters are considered “essential services”, recent Emergency Directives from the City have forced the Humane Society to close its doors to visitors, as well as to cancel key fundraising events.

While the front doors may be closed to the public, it’s business as usual in the kennels.  Our staff continues to feed and care for nearly 200 dogs and cats at the Shelter, while our Foster Department provides daily support to the 144 animals placed in our volunteer foster homes.  One of the most important times of the day for everyone is “chow time”, and our 344 cats and dogs go through a lot of chow!

So, imagine our delight to receive an email from Dean Travis, the President of Pets Barn, saying that his company was stepping up to the plate to be our supplier of dog and cat food at NO COST. Mr. Travis said, "Pets Barn is not going to let the Humane Society of El Paso run out of food".

Pets Barn has been a long-standing supporter of animal health and welfare groups in El Paso.  The Humane Society is so grateful to Dean Travis and Pets Barn for joining HSEP in caring for our shelter animals.