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Pinkie's hap-paw-ly ever after

Pinkie called the Humane Society of El Paso home for a lengthy 6 months. She was shy, and preferred the company of dogs to people. With time, patience, and commitment, though, HSEP personnel were able to bring Pinkie out of her shell. Thanks to their diligence, Pinkie now has the home of her dreams. Below is an update from her loving, fur-ever family.

“Once we came through the front door of our home, Pinkie immediately opened up. She came right up to us to be petted with our other two dogs (Riddick and Star, also both rescued from HSEP) once we got inside and settled down. She ate some food right away and got some treats. Our bedroom doesn't get a whole lot of air flow, but the living room does- so we ALL slept in the living room! We dragged the mattress into the living room because Pinkie didn't seem too sure about the bedroom, but was very comfortable in the living/ dining room, and Riddick and Star both sleep with us- so we didn't want Pinkie to be out by herself. It took her a little while to understand that she was allowed to get up on the couch, loveseat, and bed.... but now that she's learned, she hasn't gotten down from the bed since!

We're so happy that Pinkie is already doing so well with our little family. We are so, so, SO happy that we were able to get her out of the kennel and into a home with a fur brother and fur sister that she already loves.

I know that because Pinkie had been at the Humane Society for so many months, a lot of the staff and volunteers grew close to Pinkie, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew just how well adjusted and loved she has already become!”