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Sammy is Adopted

Sammy was the HSEP's Cat of the Week, although he had been at the shelter for months. Sammy had a sad history, but he finally has a loving home where he is certain to have a bright future!

On Friday, June 9th, a team of volunteers from ADP visited the HSEP to donate their time. Little did they know, they were here to give their time, but they'd be taking lifelong companions with them.

One of the team member, Paula, inquired about the cat who had been at the shelter the longest. She had no intention of adopting, but when she heard Sammy's story she knew she had to meet him.

Upon entering the cat room, Paula went straight to Sammy's kennel. Almost instantly, Sammy and Paula connected. Sammy was extremely shy, and did not connect with anyone, which made his reaction to Paula all the more special.

Paula and her team completed their volunteer service, and Paula filled out the adoption paperwork. While the pair were waiting for the paperwork to be processed, they spent some time getting to know one another. As Paula was holding him, Sammy layed his head over her heart, wrapped his paw around her should, purred, and let go of all of the tension and sadness he had been holding on to.

Another member of the team also adopted a cat, setting a record for number of service project volunteers adopting in one day.

The Humane Society of El Paso could not be happier to celebrate these adoptions, nor could we be more grateful for the time this team donated, and the love they will undoubtedly share with their rescues.