September 13: Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day was originally established in 2014 by David Rogers in order to bring awareness to the “interactive role humans play in our pets’ physical birth defects as well as their mental health”. The purpose of this day is to inform about pet birth defects and the importance of prevention, treatment, proper care, and methods of identification. 

Pet birth defects can have various causes but some can be avoided through responsible pet ownership. Physical and behavioral problems can be caused by inbreeding and over-breeding pets. Spaying and neutering pets helps to regulate pet overpopulation and to keep the number of pets limited to a reasonable amount, ensuring that there are enough households who are actually willing to accommodate them. The HSEP alone took in 3088 unwanted pets last year, while 1034 pets were fostered in the same year. By adopting pets from the shelter the pet overpopulation cycle is weakened, and the demand for pet breeding is reduced.

This in turn will ensure more pets can find their happy fur-ever home!