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Shiloh, the "shelter dog" is adopted!

Shiloh has been the voice of rescue animals in the community and the face of the Humane Society of El Paso since January. Recently, however, management at the Humane Society of El Paso decided the best way for Shiloh to represent shelter animals is to live out the ultimate goal: adoption!

Shiloh is spunky, full of personality, and always up for cuddles. She has served as the HSEP's mascot for five months, following the retirement of Shelbie the Shelter Dog.

Shiloh was selected as Shelter Dog because of her winning personality, and her all too common story. Shiloh was fostered by an HSEP staff member, similar to Shelbie's fostering of Betty Hoover, but there was one key difference: this foster situation was not permanent.

Shiloh did her job, day in and day, welcoming new rescues, greeting adopters, and congratulating the recently adopted. She was by no means unhappy, but seeing her fellow shelter animals find homes, while that was not in the cards for the "shelter dog," didn't seem fair. Shiloh was placed up for adoption in mid-May, giving her the opportunity to find her fur-ever home.

The application period lasted two weeks, giving anyone who was interested the opportunity to apply to adopt the celebrity-dog. Once the application period ended, they were reviewed, and they perfect family was selected.

Flashback a couple of months, a terribly scared dog was surrendered to the HSEP. She was so frightened of people, though, that before she entered the building she broke loose in the parking lot. Try as they might, no human could catch her. Shiloh's foster momma thought quickly, and decided maybe Shiloh could help catch the loose dog.

Almost instantly, the dog came right up to Shiloh, was safely leashed, and taken into the building. The dog was named Malia, and she and Shiloh become the best of friends. The pair would play every day, and grew to love one another very much.

Malia, now Zelda, was adopted a couple of months ago. Shiloh had new playmates, but none could replace her best friend. Fortunately, the two will never be apart again!

Zelda's parents applied to adopt Shiloh, knowing how close Zelda and she were. They even brought Zelda in to ensure the two remembered each other.

Shiloh will now live hap-paw-ly ever after, with her new sister, and loving parents. This fate is what we hope for all shelter animals, and the Humane Society of El Paso could not be happier for its "Shelter Dog."