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Swan and Popeye find their forever home

Swan and Popeye didn’t come in together but the dynamic and special duo left together and we couldn’t be happier!

Swan was at our shelter for a year and three months. She was rescued from Animal Services because her original owners never came back for her. She was one of our spinners, meaning she had anxiety and kennel aggression but once out of the kennel a lovable and playful dog. Swan was looked at several times and some promised to come back for her but never did. We've posted her story and pictures several times but just couldn’t find her person.

Popeye on the other hand can run circles around anyone! He wouldn’t spin and jump off the wall but boy does he have energy! He was in our shelter for a few months and unfortunately was adopted out to the wrong person. We do our very best to screen people and catch red flags but some people are just good liars. He was adopted out to a gentlemen who had come to see him several times and was very excited to take him home, assuring us that he had ‘Popeye Proofed’ his home.

A week later Popeye escaped and we were notified by Animal Services sadly finding out that he was going to be left alone in an apartment for two months because his owner had some out of town training. We were relieved and brought him back to our shelter but couldn’t believe this. After contacting the owner ourselves we were happy Popeye had escaped, because he was in fact going to be left alone for two whole months. According to this man he had left enough food and water for him and he didn’t think it was a problem. We can’t write our exact reaction but not to worry things were taken care of accordingly and he will never be allowed to adopt from us again.

Not to take away from the happy side of this story but these two rescues have been through a lot and it’s just so bitter sweet to finally have them go to a good home because they deserve it. We feel it’s important for people to understand some of what we see and how hard we work to protect our animals and ensure that they do go to the right home. 

Their story doesn’t end here. Both Swan and Popeye had some behavioral issues, can you blame them? They both had very poor owners before coming to us, so they were moved into our new, ‘Training Academy’ with our on-site trainer, who’s working to enrich the lives of our rescues and help curve any bad behavior so that they are adoptable.

 One of the main reasons people surrender their pets or return a rescue is due to behavioral issues.

 Through the training program Popeye and Swan became buddies and well just look at them now!

All of our rescues are special and deserve a ‘Forever Home’ some just go through more struggles than others and some are here longer than they should be. We cannot control who falls in love with who or how long our four legged friends will have to wait to find a home. We never give up hope and do our best to find them all the very best home and family. This is our job, this is our purpose.

Please share this and if you are ready for unconditional love and a bond you can’t buy from a four legged companion, consider adopting a rescue.

Help us save more lives! The more adoptions we have the more lives we can save.


So here’s to happy tails!