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The Ultimate Cat Momma

Jade was a cat we had here in the shelter. Unbeknownst to any of us, she was actually pregnant while she was here and ended up giving birth to 3 healthy kittens. She was then moved into a foster home so she could raise her kittens until they’re old enough to be adopted.

What makes Jade so special is that she is not only raising her kittens but is helping raise some others.

Jade has actually become a “foster” mom herself, along with her kittens she is nursing another kitten and two puppies as her own.

On the same evening Jade gave birth, another one of our pregnant cats gave birth in a foster home. Unfortunately this other birth was a difficult one and only one kitten survived.

Possibly because of the stress of the delivery, the mom of that kitten rejected it and would not nurse. Caught in a bind, we placed that one surviving kitten with Jade’s litter and she accepted it as one of her own.

Happily, her new “foster” baby is doing just fine.

 Jade is an awesome mommy but shortly after accepting this new kitten she made herself the ultimate momma cat when she also accepted two puppies along with her kittens.

These pups were found when they were only a week old and are currently being bottle fed by her foster parents who took them in along with her. In an attempt to provide these small, struggling puppies with some much needed warmth and comfort, they were placed with Jade’s litter to see how they would do.

As you can see in these pictures they happily snuggle with their kitten brothers and sisters creating a very unique and sweet foster family.

 Foster parents really do amazing things…both two legged and four. These are the miracles we are fortunate to witness thanks to our amazing staff and volunteer foster parents.

We will keep you all up to date on these foster babies and momma and let you know when they’re available for adoption.