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Twenty-two puppies find homes

The Humane Society of El Paso's Foster Program takes in hundreds of extra-special animals each year. These animals are special because they require extra care and TLC, otherwise they would not survive. January 9th and 10th was an excellent weekend for the foster program because a whopping twenty-two puppies graduated from the foster program and into their forever homes!

The Humane Society of El Paso's Foster Programs caters to the smallest, weakest, most needy animals that walk through the shelter's doors. Oftentimes these frail creatures would not survive without the ‘round the clock care and love provided by their foster families.

The HSEP likes to celebrate each and every adoption, but this weekend held extra cause for celebration. Twenty-two puppies came out of the Foster Program, looking to be adopted. Each of these puppies has their own heartbreaking past, whether they were found in a box on the side of the road, born in a cold and dark cage at Animal Services, or simply an unwanted litter born to irresponsible pet owners. Regardless of their backgrounds, gracious and caring foster parents opened their hearts and their homes to these tiny bundles of joy, and taught them what love is.

Amazingly, of the twenty-two puppies that were seeking homes this weekend, each and every single one found a fantastic family to call their own! Every adoption is meaningful to the staff and volunteers at the HSEP, but it is extra special to see these little ones who started off in such poor shape walk out the door with families that will cherish them for dog-years to come.

This super weekend was made possible by the HSEP Foster Program and the amazing foster parents who cared for the pups, shelter staff who works tirelessly each and every day, the HSEP volunteers who helped facilitate the adoptions, and fabulous adopters who chose to save a life this weekend. The HSEP would also like to thank Petco and Petsmart for opening their doors to the pups and allowing staff and volunteers to hold offsite adoptions, where eight of the twenty-two puppies found their hap-paw-ly ever after’s this weekend.

When it comes to saving lives, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. If you cannot adopt, foster; if you cannot foster, volunteer; if you cannot volunteer, donate. Together, we can build more families, four paws at a time!