Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the HSEP and City of El Paso Animal Services?

There are two major differences: the first is that the HSEP is a private nonprofit agency, which means it receives no state, federal, or city fund. City of El Paso Animal Services is the city shelter, and they are funded by tax dollars. The HSEP relies solely on grants, donations, service fees, and fundraisers to generate all operating expenses. The second difference is that the HSEP is an adoption agency, while Animal Services is charged with picking up strays and helping them get back to their owners, enforcing animal related codes, as well as providing adoption services. Finally, the HSEP is a no-kill shelter, while Animal Services, though they are working diligently to become a no-kill shelter, unfortunately must still resort to euthanization.

Why should I adopt at the HSEP instead of saving a life directly at Animal Services?

The Humane Society of El Paso provides health screenings for all animals, and even has a groomer on staff make the animals beautiful and comfortable before they go to their fur-ever homes. The HSEP also transfers animals from “death row,” therefore adopting at the HSEP saves lives, as well.

Does the HSEP accept items for donations, or just monetary donations?

The HSEP is grateful for any and all donations! Items the shelter needs can be found on the wishlist, and monetary donations are always accepted at the shelter, online, at events, and via mail.

Is it difficult to adopt from the HSEP?

Not at all! The shelter has done everything possible to streamline the process to make sure potential adopters have a pleasant and efficient experiences.

Can I get my pet vaccinated, spayed or neutered, or microchipped at the HSEP?

Unfortunately the only veterinary service the HSEP can offer to the public is microchipping.

How can I get involved?

You can foster, volunteer, adopt, donate, and above all, be an animal advocate lending a voice for the voiceless!