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Lost a Pet?

There are several things you can do if your pet gets lost. 

Microchip Check

 If your pet is microchipped, alert the microchip company.  It will send out a broadcast fax or e-mail to all local shelters and veterinary offices.


Put up a poster/flyer of the animal around your neighborhood, at veterinary offices and convenience stores.  Be specific about the area where the pet was lost and include your contact information.

Social Media

Put an alert and check on Craig’s List, the El Paso Times and let us know about your lost pet on our Facebook page.

Alert Shelters

Alert the Humane Society and other local shelters.

Go to Animal Services 

Go to the El Paso Animal Services shelter at 5001 Fred Wilson Ave. and file a lost pet report.  Put the poster/flyer up on their lost pet bulletin board.  Visit the shelter at least every other day to search the kennels to see if the animal was found.