The Humane Society of El Paso does its very best to match you with the perfect pet. Our caring staff and volunteers are dedicated to making adoption simple and easy.

Have a question about specific breeds, training, or the best chew toy? Ask us! Making sure you walk away with the knowledge and resources you need to be a great pet-parent is what we do best.

Am I Ready to Adopt?
Adoption Requirements
Adoption Fees & Process

Before you adopt

We are just as eager as you are to help our homeless pets find their forever home. Adoption is a process, so take your time — and enjoy it. This is a good time to ask some serious questions before you take the plunge into pethood.

Am I ready to adopt?

Who wouldn’t want a fun, fluffy dog to pal around with? But, all that fun comes with big responsibility. Please be sure that you are prepared for the commitment of time, resources, and patience before taking on a new pet. It can take up to three months, or more, to adjust your new pet into your family, rules, and routine.

What are your housing restrictions?

If you rent a home or an apartment, there may be restrictions regarding the weight, breed, and number of animals allowed — in addition to a pet deposit. Know your restrictions before you adopt.

Do you have other pets at home?

Let’s make sure everyone will get along. We recommend that any dogs living in your household meet your potential new dog here at the shelter — away from their territory. This can help smooth the introduction of your new dog into the household.
All dogs entering the shelter must be current on their vaccinations. Puppies under four months of age are not allowed to enter the shelter.

Do you have a breed in mind?

It’s a good idea to research the type of breed you’re interested in adopting. Pets are people too with personalities all their own. Labs may love water. Heelers can have high energy. Tabby cats can be sweet, or stubborn.

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