New beginnings start at the Humane Society of El Paso! Adopt a rescue to save a life.

The Humane Society of El Paso does its very best to unite adopters with their paw-fect match. Our caring staff and volunteers will help lead you through the adoption process and be available to answer your questions about specific breeds, animals at the shelter, and training. HSEP is committed to making sure adopters not only fall in love with their rescue but also leave with all the knowledge and resources needed to be a great pet parent.

All animals deserve to find their forever home. But, before you adopt, we suggest asking yourself a few questions to make sure your rescue is the perfect match for you and your home.

Questions to Consider

Am I really ready to adopt?

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility. Please be certain that you are prepared for the commitment of time, resources, and patience before taking a new pet into your household! It can take anywhere from 1-3 months, or more, to integrate your new pet into your family and for your new pet to understand your rules and routine. Our Adoption Counselors are ready to help and support you in this transition in any way that they can, but it will be up to you and your family to help your new pet! This is especially important if you are integrating a new pet with pets that are already living with you.

What are your housing restrictions?

If you rent a home or live in an apartment, there are often restrictions regarding the weight, breed, and number of animals allowed, in addition to a pet deposit. Before adopting, please research your living regulations and required deposits.

Do you have other pets at home already?

If you currently have other dogs living in your household, you may or may not be required/allowed to bring them with you to your appointment. We do not allow puppies that are under 4 months of age to come to the shelter for meet and greets. All dogs that do come to the shelter should be current on their vaccinations. We generally prefer that any dogs in the household meet your potential new dog away from their territory, as this generally leads to a smoother transition of a new dog into the household.

Do you have a breed in mind?

It’s essential to do research! Labs may love water, and Heelers may have high energy. Tabby cats can be adventurous and stubborn or sweet and charming, depending on the mix. HSEP is full of different breeds and mixes with one thing in common, they are all eager for love and are looking for a new home and family to call their own.

Enjoy the adoption process, and take your time!

Speak with your family about the big responsibility and most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask our staff questions! HSEP is here to help build families four paws at a time and prove that Happiness Happens Here!

Adoption Requirements

To adopt from the HSEP, you must be at least 18 years of age and provide a valid driver’s license or state-issued I.D. There is an application and contract that must be filled out as part of the adoption process. It is the responsibility of the adoptor to check with housing managers and landlords to ensure pets are indeed allowed in the home.

The Adoption Application and Contract may be reviewed and filled out prior to visiting the shelter if you choose.

All Adoptions Include:

Spay/Neuter Surgery
Age appropriate vaccinations
All dogs six months and over are on Heartworm Preventative
All cats are FeLV/FIV tested