Cat & Kitten Manual

This Cat & Kitten Manual was created by our Foster Department staff in partnership with our shelter veterinary team. It was also reviewed by participating local veterinarians. It is intended to be a resource for our current Foster Volunteers. The content in this manual is the property of the Humane Society of El Paso and was created solely to be used by our Volunteers and Foster Families. It cannot be used for any other purposes.

Download Cat & Kitten Manual PDF

Bottle Feeding Kittens – A Journey of Sweat, Tears and Formula

Download Bottle Feeding Kittens PDF (1.6mb)

Behavior Mod for Cats That Are Afraid of People or Other Cats

Desensitization and counterconditioning involves repeatedly exposing the pet in a controlled manner to the type of person or animal that causes fear, with the exposure minimized so that the cat will take a favored reward each time it sees the stimulus until a positive association is made.

Download Cat Behavior Mod PDF (25kb)