Foster Care Guide for Adult Dogs

This guide inclues: Tips for foster parents. Frequently asked questions. Important rules and reminders. Health and Wellness. Behavorial Training. Showcasing your Foster. Getting to Adoption

Download Foster Care Guide PDF (201kb)

Behavior Mod for Dogs Afraid of People or Pets

There are many different stimuli that can frighten your dog or lead to an aggressive response. Although fear can lead to avoidance and escape attempts, the dog that is defensive or aggressive when it is frightened can pose a serious danger. This handout is designed to help improve or resolve fear of people and other animals.

Download Behavior Mod for Dogs PDF (28kb)

Establishing a Relationship and Communicating with your Pet

Household lessons for puppies. Positive and consistent training, both in action and in attitude, are needed so that your puppy knows what is expected of it at any time. If the expectations are unclear for the puppy this may lead to a variety of problems, including unruly behavior, disobedience, and even aggression.

Download Establishing a Pet Relationship PDF (22KB)